10 on 10 May

I love road trips, and so does my BPFF (best photography friend forever) too. Therefore we decided to go on one together, because that way we could stop whenever we wanted to snap photos, which is not the case if you go with your family. We only had 2 days which limited our radius. We made the plan to end up Saturday evening in Mendocino.

We headed out from Mill Valley Saturday morning. Our first stop on our road trip, was The Shed in Healdsburg where we had a breakfast. After a superb breakfast we walked around town, and came by SpoonBar, where I took this photo.


Along the way we stoped every time we saw something interesting. This photo is from Cloverdale, and the reason we stoped was because of all the outdoor art along the road. This cloths line especially caught my eye.


We continued driving, and reached Boonville around lunch time. Boonville is located in Anderson Valley with around 1,000 people living there. Still they have a 3 star hotel, cute shops, great lunch and the best ice cream shop called: Paysanne. Boonville is worth a stop for sure.


We took Mountain View Road from Boonville, which at the highest point is close to 2,000 feet above sea level. Near the top we stoped at a little old shed, with fences, old trees, and a great view of the valley. The people setteling here back in the days clearly must have come for the view.


Crossing the mountain we got to the ocean, and drove to something called: Bowling Ball Beach in Gallaway. We got to the beach and there were no bowling ball rock formation anywhere. Talking to some locals we found out that they can only be seen at low tide, which turned out were not until the following morning. We then head north for out final destination, Mendocino. But going past the cemetery in Cuffey's Cove, we had to stop. This place looked so scary and we just had to go in, armed with our cameras, and ready to shoot.


We arrive in Mendocino around 6pm, where we checked into our hotel, and then hit the streets for more fun shooting. I love photographing people and listening to their story, and we had only walked about 3 minutes, before I started talking to Christian (above) who makes a living making jewelry out of rocks and copper thread. He lives in his car and you can follow him on instagram #bluebusboutique


One mystery I would like to solve - what is up with the houses in Mendocino? Many of them looked like this, very squared and with a flat roof, like an old watchtower or beacon. It reminded me of a danish children's book I used to read when I was a kid: Folk og Røvere i Kardemommeby.


We were not the only ones heading to the ocean for a spectacular sunset, but I will not say that it was crowded either. I love when teens appreciate natures small gifts, like a beautiful sunset so this is one of my favorites. I didn't think it would turn out this well, because I didn't have time to change my exposure.


This was Birgitte's second time to Mendocino, and she had made reservation for dinner at Café Beaujolais. On the way there we walked past the city church. The light was just right, and made this photo look like something from Twin Peaks. The food at the restaurant was fabulous, the wine was local and good, we could not have wished for a better ending to this day.


In the morning on our hunt for breakfast, we past this father and his family blowing bubbles. I have chosen to end this 10 on 10 with this photo, because I love to remind my self and everyone else that you never get too old to enjoy simple things - like blowing bubbles.

I hope you have enjoyed my 10 on 10 and please continue on to my fellow blog roller friend Erica Kennedy's post.