10 on 10 February

This is my second post for the 10 on 10 blog-roll group that I'm a part of. While my mom was visiting we where out and about many places and I was busy on my blog with many new posts. Now my mom is back home in Denmark and everyday life kicks in with rain storms and flooding of Mill Valley, not really photo inviting weather, so I have chosen to show highlights from my mom's visit.



I love Bolinas very much, and when we have visitors, I make sure to take them to this unique place. The town population 1,600, is bounded by seawater on three sides and the surfing here is fantastic. My mom has been here multiple times, and she too are very fond of the vibe, look, feel and people who lives here. As soon as I turn towards Bolinas, everything inside of me slow down. I love the atmosphere, the people, the colors, the way of life, just everything. We wanted to take a walk on the beach, but the king tide had swallowed up the beach, and huge waves were braking bad onto the shore. Instead we got talking with some locals, about fishing, waves, bonfires, and 15 minutes into our talk, we get offered to smoke a joint with them. Anything can happen in Bolinas, that is way you gotta love this place.




When ever my mom is here, we visit as many exhibitions as possible. This year we went to Pier24 and saw the exhibition: Collected. Pier24 is an all together photo exhibition place at the waterfront in San Francisco. All exhibitions are free of change, you just need to book an appointment online. We visit SF MoMA and enjoyed Tomás Saraceno's fabulous installations. At the DeYoung Museum we experienced the univers of Frank Stella. I didn't know his later pieces, and was very fascinated by the colors and his 3D art pieces.


DETOUR of Haight-ashbury

Before my mom came to visit, she had read an article in Politiken (the Danish New York Times) about Haight-Ashbury, and would like to visit this place. I always try to make her wishes come true while she is here, so of cause we had to go. Last year I had taken a Detour through this place with a good friend and was blown away by the experience. I wanted my mom to try the Detour experience too, not only for the picturish tour, but also for the technical aspect.

We started our tour at the Panhandle. Peter Coyote narrates this Detour, he guides you through the neighborhood and history, and you get to hear from old friends of his, music from that time etc. It feels like you are traveling back in time, and it was so delightful to do this together with my mom. I felt I got to be a part of her youth for a little while.




We went to the women's march in San Francisco together with thousands of other people, manly women, in all ages. How cool to do this together with my mom. Again I felt like I was transported back to her youth, an time where people came together for what they believed in. 


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