10 on 10 March

Every year my good friend Sidse comes and visit me, and while she is here, we book a Airbnb in San Francisco just the two of us. This year we stayed in Hayes Valley very close to Patricia's Green, and got to explore that area well. But my 10 on 10 this month is going to be about The Mission District in San Francisco, where we took a Detour, and we got filled up by all the colors and diversity of that part of town. The Detour takes you down 24th Street and down small alleys on the way, which are covered with murals and interesting people.


Before heading out on the Detour, we loaded up at Tartine Bakery. Probably my favorite bakery in San Francisco, and if you are a foodie like me, you most likely have heard about it.

Our Detour starts at the corner of 24th St and Mission St, in front of one of the first murals painted in The Mission. From here the tour went down 24th Street with a series of different murals and funny boutiques. We especially liked the one with all the Mexican wrestling masks a concept fare from our culture.

I'm going to end this little Detour with a portrait. I have a passion for portraits of people I meet on my way. We got talking with this guy in Balmy Alley, where he told us he had lived for more than 35 years. He had seen the changes of the neighborhood, with gangs, and shootings, to todays problems with the tech generation coming in and buying people out. The Mission is defiantly a place I like to visit. So many things are happening and I'm sure next time I come back, a lot has changed.


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