Bolinas and beyond

When you finally get a day of sun and no rain in January, you head out ASAP. My mom is visiting at the moment, all the way from Denmark where the weather is colder and darker than here. So we were both super excited to hit the road and chase the light. There are many choices when you live in Marin, and we decided on going to Bolinas and beyond



As soon as I turn towards Bolinas, everything inside of me slow down. I love the atmosphere, the people, the colors, the way of life, just everything. We wanted to take a walk on the beach, but the king tide had swallowed up the beach, and huge waves were braking bad onto the shore. Instead we got talking with some locals, about fishing, waves, bonfires, and 15 minutes into our talk, we get offered to smoke a joint with them. Anything can happen in Bolinas, that is way you gotta love this place.


Point Reyes Station

After our Bolinas visit, we drove to Point Reyes Station. It's a fun little town with an amazing bakery, shops, Farm to Table shed and much. About 350 people lives in the town, so it's small. But every weekend all the bikers (with pedels) stop to get coffee and pastries at the Bovine Bakery. If you like a good morning bun, promise me you will go there.