Ibagari is our kind of paradise. The Boutique Hotel is located in one of the most exclusive areas of Roatán, surrounded by both vegetation and white sand beaches. The restautant is the best on the island, and if you do not stay at the hotel you will need to make a reservation or you will not get a table.


What is so appealing about Ibagari, is the architecture. Everything is so open and inviting. There is no front door, the whole structure is completely open, the only doors is to the 8 rooms, the kitchen or the restrooms.

It is all about relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, standup paddeling, eating, and sleeping. There are other activities you can do, such as exploring the 2 nearest villages: West Bay or West End. Ibagari also have yoga twice a week, painting, and their own diving club. Our last evening there was a bonfire on the beach, with a local dance company.

We stayed a week, and you get into your own rhythm very fast. Everyday at sunset we would enjoy an aperitif and watch the beautiful sunset.