Late Night Paddle Boarding

Each summer we enjoy the long, light evenings in Denmark. The girls went paddle boarding most nights around 11pm, when the sea was come and quiet. If you have not yet tried paddle boarding, do it, it's so much fun and a very good workout too.

Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen

Coming to Copenhagen on vacation and also have a whole day together with Birgitte, my photo partner in Focusnomore, was like winning the lottery. I wanted to go to so many places but had to choose, which meant saying no to some of them. I decided to focus on the old house and the new architecture in Copenhagen. I could easily have made an entire blogpost with only photos of bikes. We Danes love our bikes, and every Dane have one.

The bottom right photo I feel like represent Copenhagens "Painted Ladies". The photo is from Gråbrødretorv in the center for Copenhagen.

Soft blueish tones in this foursome. Top left is a photo is of the iconic towers on Knippelsbro, which is the first bridge to connects Christianshavn with the rest of Copenhagen.

Nyhavn is the top left photo, one of the most photographed places in Copenhagen. H.C. Andersen lived in 3 different places in Nyhavn. Top right is one of the many Harbour Beaches along the canals in Copenhagen. On warm summer days they are packed with locals and turists cooling off and enjoying the weather.

Evening Swim

Every summer when we visit Denmark, one of our favorite things to do is our family evening swims. The light is so magical because of the long sommer evenings and the tempture of the water is warm and refreshing.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

To mark the 100th anniversary of the iconic designer’s birth, Georg Jensen has announced a year-long celebration in his honor. Happy Birthday, grandpa!

I just returned from a few days in Copenhagen, to celebrate my no longer living grandpa, Henning Koppel’s 100 birthday, and his timeless designs for the world famous silver house Georg Jensen. If he had been alive he would have been very proud. 

The day started out at Louisiana in northern Sealand, with the reveal of a new Koppel piece. I, unfortunately, can't show photos of it since it is still a secret for now. After the big reveal, there was a reception at my mother's house, with cake, music in the garden, and a place for the press to interview my mother and see where my grandpa had lived and worked.

10 on 10 August

After 2 months break from the blog roll I'm back with 10 photos from my summer vacation. We were away for 6 weeks all together. First stop was Paris, then Copenhagen, and ended the trip with a quick stop in New York before returning to Mill Valley. It has been really hard to only select 10 images for this 10 on 10, but I like the challenge. 

Remember to klick through the rest of the blog roll, next stop after me is: Kristina Rust 


While we were in Paris a heat wave hit the city, and it was hard to stay cool. We walked by a patisserie that had put up a gardenhose, so people could cool down, and I loved the action and the photos I was able to get.

Many people has sealed their love with locks on Pont des Arts crossing the Seine. In May 2010 the city of Paris expressed concern over the growing number of love-locks on the Bridge and the locks were moved to another location.


While waiting for my good friend Sidse at a Metro station in Copenhagen, I was reminded how staying in one place for more than 1 minute, makes great photos. This is taken with a iPhone 6S.

Nyhavn in the center of Copenhagen. I used to live here when I was 20, and this is where Eric and I meet back in 1993.

This photo is taken on Møn, a small island where my brother has a summer house. We took the girls and their cousin Nicola for a walk, and the 3 of them started playing on these huge hay bales, a true joy for the photographer.

One very quiet evening on Møn. The colors was just amazing, something I really miss in California. Colors like this you only get in Denmark at summer time.

Evening swim in Taarbæk where I grow up, and where my mom still lives. Again the colors are fabulous and my new Leica Q and I loved it.


New York - 3rd and last stop on our vacation. I could walk around for months in this city with my camera, and just shoot. But when I travel with my family I have to go with the flow, which dosen't give me many minutes in one place. This shoot happened right outside our hotel in SoHo.

Again a fast shot as we are walking through SoHo. Loved how the colors match each other.

This was one of the photos that I really hoped to be able to shoot while we where in NYC. The Manhattan Bridge when the sun is setting.