Pacific Sunset

These days my father in law is visiting from Denmark. We try to go diffrent places, it’s often places he has already been, but it’s okay cause we always have new things to talk about. Yesterday was such a nice day, and we decided to go to Mt. Tam and watch the sunset over the Pacific. It was such a beautiful sunset and I feel like there is not much that gets better than that. Afterwords we drove to Stinson to have dinner at Parkside Café, and it was a perfect way to end an amazing day.


A day in the cold

Visiting family over the holidays in Williamsburg, not only gave us a white Christmas, but also the opportunity to spend time and fun in the snow.

A little hike to a frozen lake. Coming from California we don't have the right warm cloths, but was lucky enough to be able to borrow boots, gloves, jackets, hats and more.