10 on 10 December - Flea Market

This is going to be my last 10 on 10 on this blog roll. I want to commit more time to my partnership in Focusnomore, check it out if you like my photos.

Whit this 10 on 10, I invite you to take a stroll with me to a Flea Market in Oakland. I went with a good friend and our daughters. I have never really been to flee markets before, and I most admit I really liked it. Such a fun place to snap photo's, and it was hard to only pick 10 photos from the 4 hours we spent there.


To me this lady is a blast from the past. Had it not been for the iPhone in her hand, it could have been taken in the 50's.


These were the winers among 100's of really cool shades. But you need to be ready to make a statement to ware them.


These two gentalmen in the photo above, might actually be reflated. 


I hope you have enjoyed af trip to the Alameda Flea Market with me, and please continue through the blog roll. the next person who will entertain you is: Kristina Rust