I was so lucky to get invited to the pre-opening of Kantine on 1906 Market St in San Francisco. Kantine specializes in simple, delicious, wholesome Scandinavian food. They make everything from scratch using whole grains, seasonal ingredients, and Scandinavian methods.

Kantine is open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch six days a week (closed Mondays). We had the brunch menu, with chef Nicole Accettola’s signature sprouted rye bread, and many delicious toppings. This is definitely not our family's last visit to Kantine.

Thanksgiving with a Danish take

Being danish we don't have the biggest knowledge and traditions around Thanksgiving, and I know I can get in trouble for saying this. We have been very fortunate every year to be invited to this huge American holiday, and every year it has been phenomenal. Again this year we had multiple invitations, but we also wanted to have our own little celebration. Therefore we "invented" the Thanksgiving lunch, which served 2 mayor purposes. A) Eric could attend, because he had to travel later that day, and B) the girls could celebrate with their friends later in the evening. WOLA Thanksgiving lunch was born.