Snow in Marin

We have been living in Marin for 8 years, and today was the first time we had a little snow. I just had to get out and decided to drive to Pierce Point Ranch to show the place to my mom, who is visiting.

Driving through Lucas Valley, we see snow on the top of the hills there. What a weird sight for this area, what is the world coming to?

Next stop - the Point Reyes shipwreck. I have many images of this shipwreck, but never surrounded by this much water

On the way out to Pierce Point Ranch, we stop because there is a huge flock of Tule Elks beside the road. The tule elk is one of two subspecies of elk native to California. Tule elk once inhabited the grasslands of the Point Reyes peninsula and the Olema Valley, as well as other grasslands within Marin County. 

Our final destination was Pierce Point Ranch, a place I have visited many times now. But today I learned that Danish, Italien and Eastern European immigrants had worked here. I love how you always learn new things every day.

Pacific Sunset

These days my father in law is visiting from Denmark. We try to go diffrent places, it’s often places he has already been, but it’s okay cause we always have new things to talk about. Yesterday was such a nice day, and we decided to go to Mt. Tam and watch the sunset over the Pacific. It was such a beautiful sunset and I feel like there is not much that gets better than that. Afterwords we drove to Stinson to have dinner at Parkside Café, and it was a perfect way to end an amazing day.


Steep Ravine Cabins

If you follow along on my blog, you have noticed that this is not the first post from Steep Ravine Cabins. I believe it's the 3rd. We love going here for many reasons. It's only 40 minutes drive from our house, you are transported back in time because of the very simple living, you are close to nature, and close as a family. All of these things are important to our family, but my guess is, it's true for every family.

Steep Ravine Cabins and Campground is so private and relaxing. There is not a bad location or spot, the views from all the sites are overwhelmingly beautiful. I love the windy drive down (or walk) to get down to the campground. This is one of my most favorite places to camp and while a bit more challenging to book, considering a weeknight stay is totally worth it!

Childhood Color Palette

More photos from the historic Pierce Point Ranch in Point Reyes. This place is so beautiful and the color palette takes me back to my childhood summer vacation in the northern part of Jutland in Denmark.

Cypress Tree Tunnel

Just north of San Francisco, there's a row of giant Monterey cypress trees that forms a “tree tunnel”. Loved by Bay Area locals, it's a tucked away spot in the Point Reyes National Seashore for photographers to capture early morning sun rays, or for anyone to get some moments of solitude.


1st place in Click Off competition

Last night I won 1st place in The Image Flow's Click Off photo competition. My category was: Golden Moment/Golden Hour, a new category this year. Everbody pick a note from a bowl, and the note has the category written on it. You then have 14 days to snap your photo, it has to be from Marin, and you can only submit ONE photo.

My photo's is from top of Mount Tamalpais, with a view towards Bolinas and Stinson Beach.


Family shoot on Mount Tamalpais

Mt Tam is one of my favorite place to shoot family photos. The amazing backdrop makes for dramatic, open looking photos. I was so lucky to go up there this weekend with some friends, who have the best family when it comes to shooting kids in diffrent ages. This family keeps me on my toes, because with 4 kids, some more active than others, you need to move with them - LOVE IT!


Autum in Mill Valley

I haven't posted on the blog for over a month, and now it is time. A year ago my running came to and end, due to an insane pain in my left knee. When you are used to running, and it being an outlet, and you are reduced to not being able to walk, or excise in any way, it feels like your life crumbles. I'm not going to bore you with my whole medical history, but I got pushed around from department to department, nobody wanted me, nobody could help me. It was not until 2 months ago I started seeing a PT here in Mill Valley, and she is now working on aligning my whole body, and it is working. I can still not run, but I can walk/hike, and that is a huge step in the right direction.

All of these photo's are taking on my hikes around Mill Valley. All in hiking distance from my home. I'm bringing my Leica Q as my hiking buddy, and I hope you enjoy our adventures.


10 on 10 October

2 days ago I went to the Stinson Beach with my good friend Birgitte. We both brought our cameras, I decided on my Leica Q for two reasons.  A) it's light to carry and B) the fixed 28mm lens is a challenge for me at the beach.

When going through my photos, the theme was clear, but the picking only 10 is still not easy. Please enjoy my day at Stinson Beach and afterwards head on over to Birgitte Heibergs 10 on 10 here.


After our hike from one end to the other and back, we had worked up quite and appetite. At the north end of the beach is a small place called The Siren Canteen, with the best taco's and homemade kombucha and draft. If you have not yet been, go the next time you are hungry at Stinson Beach.

Family Day

This Sunday we had a family day, not something that happens often, when you like us have teens in the ages of 14 and 16. They rather wanna hang with their friends, than spending valuable time on us, their parents. That being said, our afternoon turned out to be full of laughter and heart-to-heart connection.

I'm known for taking my camera everywhere, because you never know what you might capture. This Sunday turned into a perfect opportunity for capturing, playful, authentic photos. In my eyes moments like these makes the best family photos.

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