Steep Ravine

With only 10 cabins situated on the cliff side overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Steep Ravine is insanely popular, and you should count yourself lucky if you are able to reserve one of the cabins. This amazing place is only about a hour drive from San Francisco, but feels like a different timezone. The small group of cabins are dated back to the 1940s, and when you enter through the gate at Panoramic Highway, you let yourself slow down to and take in the magnificent scenery. To acces the parking area, you need to receive a code from the rangers when you make your reservation.


The Cabins


Each of the cabins are equipped with a wood stove, a picnic table with benches, several sleeping platforms (two doubles, one twin, and one child), counter space for food preparation. There is no electricity or running water, but nearby is primitive toilets, water faucets and you can buy firewood on site or bring your own. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag, air mattress, camping stove, cooking gear, lanterns, and other supplies you might find useful. The cabins are very primitive but come with the best ocean view you can imagine.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.01.40 AM.png


You can follow a little path down to a small beach. This beach is full of drift wood, and beautiful rounded rocks. We found a good place to sit and relax, and listen to the waves roll in. Others had build rock towers, so we made some as well. In a fast moving world, it is so nice, and so important to find small gems like Steep Ravine. Places where you and your family can reconnect and unplug from the hectic everyday life. If you have time for hiking, there is lots of great trails just outside your door. A daytime hike we can recommend is the: Matt Davis-Steep Ravine Loop.

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Sunset and evening bliss


At Steep Ravine you get the best seats at sunset. We found the perfect rock, dressed warm and shared a beer - something we should do more often. After the sun is gone, soon after the light follow, and darknees is all around you. It gets very dark at Steep Ravine, so remember candles and flashlights. Hope you get the chance to enjoy the bliss at this remarkable place, and I'm sure it is not our last visit.