I was so lucky to get invited to the pre-opening of Kantine on 1906 Market St in San Francisco. Kantine specializes in simple, delicious, wholesome Scandinavian food. They make everything from scratch using whole grains, seasonal ingredients, and Scandinavian methods.

Kantine is open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch six days a week (closed Mondays). We had the brunch menu, with chef Nicole Accettola’s signature sprouted rye bread, and many delicious toppings. This is definitely not our family's last visit to Kantine.

10 on 10 December - Flea Market

This is going to be my last 10 on 10 on this blog roll. I want to commit more time to my partnership in Focusnomore, check it out if you like my photos.

Whit this 10 on 10, I invite you to take a stroll with me to a Flea Market in Oakland. I went with a good friend and our daughters. I have never really been to flee markets before, and I most admit I really liked it. Such a fun place to snap photo's, and it was hard to only pick 10 photos from the 4 hours we spent there.


To me this lady is a blast from the past. Had it not been for the iPhone in her hand, it could have been taken in the 50's.


These were the winers among 100's of really cool shades. But you need to be ready to make a statement to ware them.


These two gentalmen in the photo above, might actually be reflated. 


I hope you have enjoyed af trip to the Alameda Flea Market with me, and please continue through the blog roll. the next person who will entertain you is: Kristina Rust

10 on 10 March

Every year my good friend Sidse comes and visit me, and while she is here, we book a Airbnb in San Francisco just the two of us. This year we stayed in Hayes Valley very close to Patricia's Green, and got to explore that area well. But my 10 on 10 this month is going to be about The Mission District in San Francisco, where we took a Detour, and we got filled up by all the colors and diversity of that part of town. The Detour takes you down 24th Street and down small alleys on the way, which are covered with murals and interesting people.


Before heading out on the Detour, we loaded up at Tartine Bakery. Probably my favorite bakery in San Francisco, and if you are a foodie like me, you most likely have heard about it.

Our Detour starts at the corner of 24th St and Mission St, in front of one of the first murals painted in The Mission. From here the tour went down 24th Street with a series of different murals and funny boutiques. We especially liked the one with all the Mexican wrestling masks a concept fare from our culture.

I'm going to end this little Detour with a portrait. I have a passion for portraits of people I meet on my way. We got talking with this guy in Balmy Alley, where he told us he had lived for more than 35 years. He had seen the changes of the neighborhood, with gangs, and shootings, to todays problems with the tech generation coming in and buying people out. The Mission is defiantly a place I like to visit. So many things are happening and I'm sure next time I come back, a lot has changed.


Now keep on rolling over to Birgitte Heiberg's 10 on 10 to enjoy her fabulous story.

Detour in Haight-Ashbury

Before my mom came to visit, she had read an article in Politiken (the Danish New York Times) about Haight-Ashbury, and would like to visit this place. I always try to make her wishes come true while she is here, so of cause we had to go. Last year I had taken a Detour through this place with a good friend and was blown away by the experience. I wanted my mom to try the Detour experience too, not only for the picturish tour, but also for the technical aspect.


We started our tour at the Panhandle. Peter Coyote narrates this Detour, he guides you through the neighborhood and history, and you get to hear from old friends of his, music from that time etc. It feels like you are traveling back in time, and it was so delightful to do this together with my mom. I felt I got to be a part of her youth for a little while.

Haight-Ashbury has so many colors and history it's hard to capture all of it while listening to the audio. Another obstacle, my mom’s old phone couldn't download the app, so we both had to be connected to my phone. This meant if I all of a sudden stopped to take a photo, and my mom didn't, her headphones would be yanked of her ears. After having done that 5-8 times, we finally figured out a system that worked.

I can really recommend the Detour app, it is such a great way to get to know and understand an area of a city. This was the second time I did this Detour, and it was still interesting and a really good experience. Here is what Detour writes on their website: "Detours are narrated by locals who know the city best, and are infused with cinematic scoring and storytelling by some of the best writers and sound designers in the world. Taking a Detour is like walking around inside a movie".

Women's March in San Francisco

Today was the big marching day, with over 600 marches all over the world. Women's March in San Francisco was a celebration of coming together as one. Equal rights for women, gay, race and more. To stand and march with so many like minded people was magical, and gave me so much hope for the future. We all have to think about what and how we can make the difference in the world. Make the change you want to see.


Not even the rain could stop people for coming out today, and making their voices heard. So many fun and creative signs had be made, and around 1/4 of the crowd wore pussyhat's, read about the project her: pussyhat project.

Frank Stella @ de young

My mom visits us once a year, and it has become a tradition to go to deYoung Museum whenever she is here. We have seen many amazing exhibition, and this one was among the really good ones. If you live in the San Francisco area, hurry up and go check it out, I think it ends February 12th 2017.

What I think was so unique about thes exhibition, was the surprise you got, going from one room to the next. Following Stella's evolvement from early years of painting, up to his latest work - huge sculptures/3D paintings in vivid colors and shapes.

Please excuse the bad quality on the photo side, museum lightning make lots of bad shadows.