St. John's - a little bite of paradise

January 1st we headed to US Virgin Islands, more precise, Saint John's. To get to St John's you need to take a ferry from St Thomas, which takes about 45 min. We were so lucky to get to se the sun set as we docked at Cruz Bay. The colors are just spectacular in the Caribbeans, you instantly get happy looking at them.

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The first 3 nights we stayed at The Concordia ECO Resort, which is placed at Coral Bay, on the south side of the island. We stayed in a "tent", I would call it at mix of a hut and tent. The first night non of us slept very much, do to a tropical rain storm. And when the wall's of your "house" are made of canvas, and you are on a side of a cliff, it gets very noisy. The next couple of nights I slept with my noise canceling headphones, playing southing meditation music, cause I need my sleep.

This part of St John's is very quite, and a great place for family's. Saltpond Bay is only about a 15 minutes hike from Concordia, and is the most popular beach along the south shore of St. John's. Cactus and hermit crabs are more prevalent here, and at Salt Pond Bay we saw the most population of Sea turtles. Salt Pond Bay is deep enough to foster the amazing underwater life, including vibrant coral, thick sea fans and schools of fish representing every color of the rainbow. Eric has hours of GoPro recordings from the snorkeling here.

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The remaining part of our vacation we had rented the bottom part of a house in Cruz Bay. All 4 of us were really excited to sleep in "normal" beds and on a quiet street. In Cruz Bay there is more life and lot's of different restaurants to choose from. The best one in our opinion: La Tapa - amazing. Cruz Bay beach is lined with beach bars and happy hour was from 4-7. One evening we tried St. John's own cocktail "painkiller" at The Beach Bar. Cocktails and alcohol is a big thing on these islands.

Traveling with my family is not a good combo with photography, and I didn't want to miss out on time with them. I would have loved a day around the Cruz Bay, just me and my camera, to capture the colors, people, life and more, but that didn't happened this time. I do have a feeling we will be back, and then I will make that dream happen.

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We went to many different beaches, and some were better than others for snorkeling or sunbathing. Jumbie Beach is quite small, with not much sand to spread out. The small beach matters little, as the snorkeling in the area is outstanding. Small fish congregate, attracting pelicans who feed glutinously on the seafood throughout the day. Trunk Bay beach is the only national park beach on St. John with a lifeguard on-duty during high season (Dec-May) and a hot/cold food vendor just steps from the water. Trunk Bay is also home to the only underwater snorkel trail, with monuments below the water describing the coral, sea fans and colorful tropical fish.

We went on a kayak safari one day from Coral Harbor to Princess Bay, Whitesand Bay and Water Creek. You have to be into snorkeling to go to these places, cause there is not much beach there, but amazing snorkeling.

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