December hygge

December is upon us, and it's time to HYGGE, something all we Danes love. The word hygge has many times been attempted translated, and I have still not come across a translation that capture the whole essence, but this comes close. Also enjoy the photo's of how we start out on our December adventure in our house.


I don't know if this goes for all Danish family's, but we love red and white colors on our tree. We always have the Danish flags on it too, and homemade harts. Each time we travel, and we remember, we buy an ornament for the tree. This way our tree is full of adventure, and good memories from far away places, or just around the corner.


The girls always decorate the tree, and they have their own traditions. If one of them get's to place the pickle, the other get to finish the whole tree with the star at the top. They take their time, and every piece get special attention, and the perfect spot.


You can't go to a Christmas party in Denmark, and not get æbleskiver. They used to be sold at Trader Joe's as "Danish Pancakes", but I haven't seen them anymore. Well we always like to bake them ourself, you just need a special pan for it. You eat them with jam and powder sugar.


Our tree can't fit any more homemade Christmas ornaments, but we still enjoy making something new every year. This year we found this fun DYI project on how to make ornaments out of birdseeds, to hang in your garden. Easy and very fun project to do.


Happy Holiday to everyone. Here is a recipe on how to bake Æbleskiver (danish pancakes), if you feel adventures. And here is link to the Birdseed Ornaments.

Bolinas and beyond

When you finally get a day of sun and no rain in January, you head out ASAP. My mom is visiting at the moment, all the way from Denmark where the weather is colder and darker than here. So we were both super excited to hit the road and chase the light. There are many choices when you live in Marin, and we decided on going to Bolinas and beyond



As soon as I turn towards Bolinas, everything inside of me slow down. I love the atmosphere, the people, the colors, the way of life, just everything. We wanted to take a walk on the beach, but the king tide had swallowed up the beach, and huge waves were braking bad onto the shore. Instead we got talking with some locals, about fishing, waves, bonfires, and 15 minutes into our talk, we get offered to smoke a joint with them. Anything can happen in Bolinas, that is way you gotta love this place.


Point Reyes Station

After our Bolinas visit, we drove to Point Reyes Station. It's a fun little town with an amazing bakery, shops, Farm to Table shed and much. About 350 people lives in the town, so it's small. But every weekend all the bikers (with pedels) stop to get coffee and pastries at the Bovine Bakery. If you like a good morning bun, promise me you will go there.

New Year in New York

4 day's in New York is not very long, but when it's during December and the weather is COLD, it's okay. There where even things we had to skip, because we didn't have enough time. No doubt we loved the Soho area the best, with all the small streets, shops, cafés

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 3.09.59 PM.png

When it's cold outside and you walk everywhere, I think you make some decisions you wouldn't normally make. One we made was to visit The New Museum where we saw a very interesting and beautiful light installation. And another day we visit American Museum on Natural History. Here you can learn about dinosaurs, planets, and much more, a very interesting place.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 3.10.16 PM.png

Iconic buildings and places in NY. I would have loved to walk around for hours, just me and my camera. It's not really possible when you travel with your family. Here are just a few and bonus one of me and Eric.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 3.10.32 PM.png

A day in the cold

Visiting family over the holidays in Williamsburg, not only gave us a white Christmas, but also the opportunity to spend time and fun in the snow.

A little hike to a frozen lake. Coming from California we don't have the right warm cloths, but was lucky enough to be able to borrow boots, gloves, jackets, hats and more.