I have a hard time defining what I am. I have changed direction more than once in my work career, which for my generation is a rare thing, and which I have read will be much more common in my kids lifespan. At this moment in time, my tool/outlet is photography, a long lost dream, which was brought back to life when I moved together with my family to San Francisco in 2011. The move pushed me to break out on my own and pursue the dream - a career in photography.

Growing up I was surrounded by creativity, my dad had his own graphic design business, my mom is educated and are still working with ceramics, and my grandfather, Henning Koppel, a world known designer for George Jensen. All this focus on design rubbed off on me, and I think gave me a natural and unique understanding and respect for design, aesthetic, simplicity. All of these things are a part of my style of photography.

I sometimes work together with a dear photography friend on common projects. You can find more info about this on www.focusnomore.com.

I am constantly striving to improve and expand my portfolio. If you are interested in modelling for a project in exchange for a portrait feel free to contact me too.

What I like about photographers is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce
— Karl Largerfeld
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